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The Troop has acquired a variety of equipment to support our outdoor program. Our current equipment consists of the following:

The Tents The troop has 3-person Eureka Tetragon Tents for use by scouts and 4-person tents for use by adults. These 3 season tents are used for all but snow camping. We normally put two people in each tent.

The Fleet

Six canoes and a 13' catamaran sailboat provide plenty of water-related activities for the troop. Trailers for both the catamaran and canoes make getting to the water an easy endeavor.

Five kayaks as well as 2 inflatable kayaks (not pictured) add to the enjoyment of the water. A rowboat and its trailer (not pictured) is also ready for water outings.

Trailer Photo

Our troop trailer contains patrol boxes; each outfitted with cooking gear, Coleman two-burner propane stoves, and Coleman lanterns. All of our patrol gear, tents, tarps, and dutch ovens are carried to outings in the trailer.

Last updated: June 19, 2007

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