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For Boys and their Parents

We are pleased that you are considering joining Boy Scout Troop 103. It is our hope that you will find your time with Troop 103 a rewarding and, most of all, fun experience in which to continue or begin your Scouting adventure. Our Troop Welcome Packet (a seven page Adobe Acrobat document) contains a great deal more information for new or prospective scouts and their parents. We have a Video/Slideshow that spotlights some activities, it is 3:42 in length.  For more about Boy Scouting in general view this link.

We have an active program, attempting to camp one weekend out of each month and to schedule as many varied camping locations and experiences as possible throughout the year. There will be backpacking camp outs and longer hikes on some outings. We encourage attendance at as many activities as you can make. If you miss one camp out you may lose out on an advancement or merit badge opportunity that may not be offered again for some time. Some activities require that you have participated in prior events to gain the knowledge and skills to safely participant in the current activity.

Our Troop Meetings are planned by and for the Scouts, not by the adult leaders. Scouts, this is your Troop and your responsibility to run it as you feel will allow all of you to meet and exceed the scouting ideals. A Patrol Leader's Council (PLC) made up of Scouts takes the lead in planning and executing our Troop program under the guidance of the Scoutmaster. These boy leaders are elected by their peers.

We want your parent to be active as well! We have a variety of areas in which we need and would appreciate their participation. We have a Troop Committee made up of parents and other adults that meets monthly to discuss and finalize plans for scouting events, camp outs, facilitate transportation and fund raising necessary to help our troop go and support the plans made by the Patrol Leader's Council.

All parents are invited to join the Troop Committee. We encourage parents to consider a role in which they can best use their talents and skills (i.e., Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Fund Raising, Advancement, Activities Coordinators, Transportation, Merit Badge Counselors, or as an assistant to one of these positions). We have found that in most cases the Scouts who have parents who take an active role in the Troop's leadership are the Scouts who make a strong commitment to and get the most of their Scouting experience.

Parents, do you feel you don't know what to do, do you feel at a loss as to how you can help? There are training classes to get you started from Fast Start, to Scoutmaster Fundamentals (Acorn), to more advanced (Woodbadge) training. All of the current adults started out where you are--so just jump right up and ask the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair how you can help. Filling out the Troop Resource Survey and other forms in the registration packet is a good place to start.

Parents--Shhhh-don't tell the scouts, but sometimes we have as much fun as the scouts do.

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Troop Dues and Fees

Scouts Yearly Fees: $205.00 (includes, Registration, Boy's Life, and Insurance)

$105.00 is due when rechartering and $100.00 is due May 1st.
This $100.00 is waived if the parent/guardian provides assistance to the troop. This assistance can be accomplished by taking on a Committee position, driving on campouts, helping with fund raisers, and a variety of other activities. There is something for everyone to do--BSA even provides the training. We have a chart that shows how credits can be earned to offset the additional $100.00 of dues. No weekly or monthly dues are collect. Scouts and adults pay for the food purchased for campouts.

Adult Yearly Fees: $15.00

If an Adult Leader (Scouter) is transferring from another Boy Scout or Cub Scout Unit, a $1.00 transfer fee would apply rather than the $10.00 Registration fee. The regular B.S.A. Registration fee would again apply at the next recharter date (January 1st).

Adults who are not registered with another B.S.A. unit would pay a $10.00 fee which includes Registration, Insurance and Scouter Magazine.

Please note that part of these fees are prorated based on the month in which you join. The year for registration purposes is January 1 to December 31. The yearly Dues are adjusted if you join during the last three months of the year or for Webelos who join mid-year.

Scouts can earn part of their registration fees and/or summer camp fees by working on troop fund raising projects. A portion of each fund raiser is credited to the scout to be used for such purposes.

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Age Requirements

In order to join the Boy Scouts of America a boy must be 11 years old, or have completed the fifth grade and be at least 10 years old, or have earned the Arrow of Light Award and be at least 10 years old. Prior to this time the boy can participant in the Cub Scout Program. A boy can remain active in a Boy Scout Troop until his 18th birthday. The Venturing Program is for young men and women age 14 (must have completed 8th grade) through age 20. You DO NOT need any previous scouting experience to join Troop 103--just the desire to learn, have fun, spend time outdoors, and agree to live by the Scout Oath, Law and Promise. See Joining Requirements.

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Application Form

We suggest that a prospective scout visit our Troop Meetings before deciding to join the Troop. This will give the you and your parents a chance to see how the Troop operates before joining. Once you decide to join us, then you will need to fill out an application form which can be obtained from the Membership Coordinator. Once the application form and related paperwork is filled out it needs to be submitted with the applicable fees. Until the application with registration fees is submitted to the Council Office, we can not permit you to attend any camp outs or other activities (unless you attend as part of a regular contingent of a Webelos Cub Scout den and are registered with that unit); this is for insurance reasons.

Parents, we encourage you to submit your application at the same time. Our Troop requires that at least one parent or guardian is registered and active in the Troop. All of the adults who participate in the Troop are busy with their jobs, families, churches, clubs and other activities. Being "busy" is not considered a valid excuse for lack of support for the Troop.

We believe that your son will get out of scouting as much as you are willing to put into the program--a few hours is a small investment in your son's future. Please discuss with the Committee Chair or Scoutmaster what talents you have that can assist the Troop. Even if you can only drive on camp outs or do some paperwork, that may be enough. We don't expect you to devote all your waking hours to the Troop, but we do ask that you assist where you can. All of the adult leaders are volunteers, they don't get paid for providing your son with a great scouting program--all they ask is a little help from you.

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Part of being a scout is wearing the scout uniform with pride.  Wearing the uniform is an action that shows each Boy Scout's commitment to the aims and purposes of Scouting. Different types of activities require different uniforms.  Class A is a complete uniform, Class B is a green T-shirt with Scout Hat, Class C is causal or street clothes, Class F is formal.  For detailed information about the uniform see this link.  The troop has a uniform bank of outgrown uniform parts for use by troop members.

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