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Uniform Requirements

The uniform makes the Boy Scout troop visible as a force for rock_sboy.jpg - 16783 Bytes good and creates a positive youth image in the community. Boy Scouting is an action program, and wearing the uniform is an action that shows each Boy Scout's commitment to the aims and purposes of Scouting. The uniform gives the Boy Scout identify in a world brotherhood of youth who believe in the same ideals. The uniform is practical attire for Boy Scout activities and provides a way for Boy Scouts to wear the badges that show what they have accomplished.

The uniform to be worn is determined by the type of activity and is made known prior to the activity normally on the Permission Slip for the activity.

Class A: Scout Hat, Scout Shirt with all appropriate insignia, Troop Neckerchief with slide, Scout socks, Scout belt and buckle, and Scout pants or Scout shorts. Shorts should be reserved for less formal events--long pants for formal events. If shorts are worn scout socks are required. If you are only going to get one pair, get long pants.
Used for: Troop Meetings, Ceremonies, Service Projects not requiring physical work, Travel, Scoutmaster Conference, Board of Review. Long pants should be worn for more dignified events such as ceremonies.

Class B: Scout Hat, green Troop 103 T-shirt; clean, neat, well fitting pants or shorts without holes in them. Any green T-shirt that is from a scout camp/scout activity is also allowed. Only green scout T-shirts or plain green T-shirts should be worn. Shirts with non-scout logos/images are considered inappropriate.
Used for: Work Parties, Hikes, in camp or other locations when the Class A uniform may become soiled or damaged.

Class C: Casual clothing to be worn when doing strenuous or dirty work parties or when having an outing at some public place such as ball games, pizza parlors, etc.
Used for: Work Parties or other places deemed appropriate by troop leadership.

Class F: Formal uniform. Class A uniform with long pants and the addition of the Merit Badge sash and appropriate medals.
Used for: Courts of Honor and other formal ceremonies.

The placement of insignia can be found inside the cover of your Scout Handbook or on the Uniform Inspection Sheet.

Class 'A' Scout Uniform Insignia

  • Scout Field Uniform shirt with -
    • Green Boy Scout shoulder loops (provided by troop at bridging)
    • Troop Neckerchief with slide (provided by troop)
      NOTE: The green troop neckerchief is normally worn with the Class A uniform. On the first Monday of the month any scout neckerchief may be worn to the meeting. This would include those from summer camps, brownsea, etc.
    • World Crest (centered above left pocket about 2" or more)
    • Left pocket patches:
      • Rank / Arrow of Light (if earned)
      • Service Star(s) - above pocket if earned (provided by troop)
      • Knots - above pocket (if earned)
    • Left sleeve patches:
      • San Francisco Bay Area Council strip
      • Troop 103 unit numerals (provided by troop)
        first one is provided by troop additional are at cost (effective 6/2004)
      • Leadership position--if applicable (provided by troop)
      • Trained emblem--if earned in JLT Training (provided by troop)
    • Right pocket patches:
      • Order of Arrow on pocket flap (if earned)
      • Venture Strip - above pocket--if earned (provided by troop)
      • Name Tag - above pocket--1st class & higher (provided by troop)
    • Right sleeve patches:
      • American flag
      • Patrol medallion or Leadership Corps
      • Quality Unit--if earned (provided by troop)

    The official uniform can be purchased at these BSA Scout offices:

    East Bay Scout Shop
    South Bay Scout Shop
    1001 Davis Street970 W. Julian
    San Leandro, CA 94577San Jose, CA
    Voice (510) 633-2005Voice (408) 279-2086
    Fax (510) 633-1795Fax (408) 279-0659
    Peninsula Scout Shop
    Palo Alto Trading Post
    1150 Chess Drive1305 Middlefield Road
    Foster City, CA 94404Palo Alto, CA 91107
    Voice (650) 358-0588Voice (650) 327-5900
    Fax (650) 358-0590Fax (650) 327-1905

    Some local retailers are also authorized by the BSA to sell scout uniforms and merchandise.

    Merry Mart Uniforms
    33 Washington Street
    Santa Clara, CA 95050
    Voice (408) 296-0423

    The Troop 103 Class B green T-shirt can be purchased from most Michael's stores or through the troop. Michael's stores are located in San Leandro, Union City, Fremont (The Hub), Milpitas (McCarthy Ranch), Sunnyvale, and San Jose (Tully Rd.)

    The BSA Catalog of Scouting merchandise is on-line and items can be viewed and ordered there as well.

    Listed below is a shopping list of items a new scout needs. This list is only provided to make sure no items are forgotten. Sizes shown may not be applicable to you. You may want to order additional items not shown here. Prices are subject to change.

    Stock #QtyDescriptionUnit Price
    629921Centennial Boy Scout Short-Sleeve Shirt - Youth Medium$24.99
    6103381Centennial BSA Cool-Max Crew Socks - Medium (7-11)$5.99
    640201Centennial Boy Scout Cap S/M$12.99
    501161Centennial Convertible Canvas Pants- Youth Size 16$34.99
    102XX1Patrol Emblem - Verify Patrol name with Scoutmaster$1.99
    160281Council Shoulder Patch - SFBAC$2.38
    1431World Scout Crest Emblem$1.49
    34554112th Edition Boy Scout Handbook$9.99

    The merchandise shown above does not include tax or shipping. Supply Division, Scout Shops, and other merchandise distributors are required by law to collect state and local taxes where applicable. Prices are subject to change. Variations in size and style may affect the price.

    The Troop Neckerchief and slide, Shoulder Loops, and Unit Numerals are provided by the troop.

    The troop has a Uniform Bank of used uniform parts.

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